Greetings from the Mayor of Caorle

The village of Porto Santa Margherita is alive and constantly evolving. Municipal Administration strongly believes in this place, and everybody is sure that it has still a lot of chances to improve for the future. For this reason and thanks to the close collaboration with the Porto Santa Margherita Owners Association, our commitment is focused in ensuring that those who frequent these shores have to get a safe and modern area where to live or spend their holidays.

Sindaco di Caorle
Luciano Striuli – Mayor of Caorle

There are many works that we have already carried out, such as the urban redevelopment of v Vivaldi and Grimani streets, where trees have been replaced with new ones and the road pavements have been redone, thus giving a completely new aspect to the two ways; the new construction of the fixed platform in Piazzale Darsena to ensure an excellent visibility during the summer shows and safety to the organizers of the shows; fitting of 35 new lightspots on the ramps plus 6 on top of the bridge over the Livenza river, which was the very last 900-meter poor safety way during the dark, with difficulty for cyclists and pedestrians to use it after sunset; the realization of works to upgrade the hydraulic network. Once this last intervention will be completed, we already vahe planned to redevelop the roundabout at the entrance of the town, which will create guarantee a better safety entrance to town and to give residents and guests a renovated welcome in Porto Santa Margherita

Choosing Porto Santa Margherita for your holidays means knowing that here you can find the best opportuinities to spend great time in complete relaxat, thanks to the various services offered by the Beach Consortium, plus many other fantastic opportunities for an active stay in a green and clean environment, as example I’d like to remember that here we have of the largest and most equipped docks in the Upper Adriatic and that just few kilometers away it is possible to take advantage of the famous 18-hole Prà delle Torri golf course.
Finally, I’m happy to constant that, thanks to continuous investments, more and more people are choosing to move to the Porto Santa Margherita to live all year round: an excellent sign that confirms, as initially said, that Porto Santa Margherita is alive and will constantly evolving.
Luciano Striuli, mayor of Caorle